The Yorkshire Washable Gown Version 3 “The Neutral Gown” – Single - BG

The Yorkshire Washable Gown Version 3 “The Neutral Gown” – Single - BG

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The Version 3 Yorkshire Gown is a patent-pending, RE-USABLE, washable, and decontamination friendly clinical clothing gown for use during aerosol-generating procedures (AGPs) within dentistry as well as other clinical applications. All of our gowns and hats are proudly made in Great Britain to support British industry.


This is the ultimate evolution of our patent-pending (UK, US, EU, SA) gown. It has the following features:


Neutral opaque fabric that allows underlying scrub colours to show through 
Washable at up to 75 Celsius over 75 times (washing at lower temperatures e.g. 60 Celcius will extend the life of the garment) without degradation
Resistance to liquid penetration before washing (EN ISO 20811 pass)
Resistance to liquid penetration after washing (EN ISO 20811 pass)
Resistance to wet microbial penetration (EN ISO 22610 pass)
Breathable, waterproof and water repellant


Under testing for EN13795 (use as a surgical gown) until this certificate is completed it is sold as a ‘clothing garment but will then revert to ‘surgical gown’ status upon successful certification
Allowed for use during AGP dental procedures under current regulations from PHE: COVID-19: infection prevention and control guidance updated 18/5/2020
CE marking self-certified but under process (Office for product safety & standards “personal protective equipment (PPE) regulations OPSS PPE Legislation Guidance for Businesses, version 2 April 2020)